A Home Education Notebook



Ross Mountney began writing about home education with the Diary of a Home Educating Nobody, her regular piece in the Education Otherwise newsletter. With the advent of the internet, she created her blog Ross Mountney’s Notebook,
in which she continued to offer words to encourage and comfort both new and established home educators alike.

A Home Education Notebook is a collection of some of her most popular articles and blog posts which have been updated, with new material added, and arranged in 52 chapters so you can be sure to dip in and find inspiration every week of the year.

Ross is also the author of Learning Without School: Home EducationA Funny Kind of Education and Mumhood, as well as her children’s books Who’s Not In School?  and The Wrong Adventure, both of which we were delighted to publish here at Bird’s Nest Books!


“This book could quite easily become the ‘bible’ for many home educating families and parents. 52 chapters, so one for every week of the year, cover a range of issues that affect the lives of home educators such as timetables, curriculum, socialisation and on and on. Everything you have ever worried about, whether you are new to home education, or have been living this life for a while, we all wobble and we all have question. You can read the whole thing, or dip in and out as and when you have the need…an affirmation of home education and what makes it work. It is a warm hug, a revitalising experience and a must have.”

“Another brilliant offering from Ross. Whether you are contemplating home educating, just starting your journey or a ‘veteran’, this is a book for everyone. 52 chapters covering almost every scenario and concern that you will have as a home educator with plenty of practical common sense and good humour in the mix. We all have days when we need support, encouragement and affirmation that we are indeed on the right path.”

“I cannot put this book down. I really love this author. She really inspires me as a mother and a teacher. I have loved all her books so far and this one has not disappointed me. Ross Mountney is like the best friend when you need a lift up and a wonderful giggle during a wobble moment. Thanks Ross for all your hard work.”