And the winner is…

It is finally time to reveal the winner of our 2017 short story competition!

The challenge was simply to write a short story with a maximum of 1000 words on any theme and in any genre.

We had some wonderful, inspiring entries; a short list was created and sent to the judges, authors Sue Welfare and Jon Lawrence.

They had to admit they found it very difficult to choose as the standard was so high but, after deliberation, the winner was announced as…

‘Real French Lavender’ by Jon Clynch.

The judges thought Jon’s story was ‘atmospheric and poignant…this story manages to convey a great deal in relatively few words…The dialogue is a skilfully handled and gives a real sense of the character’

We won’t say any more as we wouldn’t want to spoil your enjoyment of it – you’ll be able to read the story in full when it is published in The Fens magazine in November.

Many congratulations to Jon!!

Meet our esteemed judges

We can’t wait to find out who’s won our short story competition and we imagine you’re the same! We’ll be announcing the winner on Monday 9th – just four days to go – but, while we wait, we thought we’d introduce you to our judges as they’re both published authors and we’re sure you’ll be interested in their books. They are also, quite frankly, both very lovely people!

        Sue Welfare (© Jerry Bauer)

Sue Welfare was a writer of romantic comedy for 20 years, before turning more recently to thrillers, publishing Next of Kin in 2015 and continuing in 2017 with Losing Leah. Writing in either genre earns her stacks of 5* reviews!

We were delighted to have Sue as one of the panelists at our 2016 publishing workshop ‘Prose to Print’, in which she generously shared her tips and advice to the writers in the audience. She was a judge for our first short story competition last year.

Sue lives in Norfolk where she is also an artist. You may well see her at exhibitions, pop up shops and events! She is clearly an extremely busy lady and we are very grateful to her for being a judge again this year.

Browse Sue’s books on her Amazon page.


                               Jon Lawrence

Jon Lawrence was also on our ‘Prose to Print’ panel last year, giving the benefit of his experience as a self-published author. Born in Pontypridd, he now resides in Norfolk where he is also a musician, singer-songwriter and teacher.

Jon’s emotionally charged writing frequently deals with themes such as love, loss and grieving, and depression and receives rave reviews from his readers. His most recent book, The Jack Newton Radio (which, by the way, has a fantastic cover too!) was out in March.

Earlier this year we were delighted to publish Jon’s book of original songs for children, The Music Man’s Songbook, which was illustrated by Gemma Wells, winner of last year’s short story competition!

We’re grateful to Jon for judging the short story competition again this year.

Find Jon on his website and browse his books on Amazon.