Are you an illustrator or a book cover artist?

We are happy to announce that we are currently taking submissions from illustrators and book cover artists. We would love you to send us your portfolio or some examples of your work. Whether you are a published artist or someone who just has a passion for sketching, we would like to hear from you.

Submitting your portfolio will not necessarily guarantee you work but it will mean that you will be entered into our database so that we can match artwork with manuscripts awaiting publication. Thus putting you into the runnings to have your work commissioned.

To submit to us or for more information please email us at

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Happy Sketching
Claire x

Do you have a novel inside of you?

If you do, please let us know! We’re absolutely flat out working on our current titles so we’re afraid that at the moment we’re closed for submissions, but we’d be happy to hear your plans and let you know if it’s something that would fit our lists.

We’ll be opening again in a few months’ time…

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When we do open we’re going to be looking specifically for fiction titles for adults and for young adults. Maybe you’re a budding crime writer, or you have an idea for a great thriller. Perhaps romance is more your scene, or something totally different…

As a social enterprise…

…we’re particularly looking to publish books Writerthat feature groups and communities traditionally underrepresented in fiction, and to support new or emerging writers, or writers from our local area – Fenland in North Cambridgeshire. It’s fine if your book appeals more to a niche market than the wider public, as long as it’s well written and engaging.

If you’d like to check whether something you’re working on might be of interest to us, you’re welcome to contact us and ask, but please don’t send any samples at the current time.

We’re very excited about the books we’ll be bringing you over the next few months, and really looking forward to opening again for some more wonderful submissions.

In the meantime, we best crack on. These books aren’t going to publish themselves!