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Thank you for your interest!


Bird’s Nest Books is a traditional, royalties based publishing house that publishes fiction (and occasionally non-fiction) for adults, teens/young adults and children. We have a particular interest in titles featuring home educated characters or those which support and encourage home educators.

are particularly interested in titles that:

  • Reflect the lives of groups or communities that are typically underrepresented in books
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Investigate new ideas

However, we are primarily interested in books that are well written and an enjoyable read. Even if you have a message to communicate, the story is of paramount importance. We do not generally accept poetry. We don’t publish plays, or religious or political texts.

As a social enterprise, profit is not our main aim. Therefore, rather than being focused mainly on potential sales, we are able to place a greater emphasis on the creativity and originality of the story, as well as any need for the book within its intended community, when we make our decisions. However, we still need to be financially self-sustaining and therefore we have to consider how marketable a potential book is and whether we are the right publisher for it.

We are happy to consider submissions directly from writers – it is not necessary for you to have an agent.

If you decide to submit a book proposal, or would like to be considered as an illustrator, please follow the guidelines below. Please read both the general guidelines and the guidelines specific to your book.

We try to consider submissions as quickly as possible but we are a small company and your patience is appreciated. If one month has passed without feedback from us, please feel free to enquire as to the progression of your submission by email.



Before you send your manuscript, please consider the following:

  • Is your work as polished as it can be? Have you had it read and critiqued by someone else?
  • Have you had it reviewed for grammar, punctuation and spelling?
  • Have you considered who your audience is? Can you identify it to us? Should we publish your book, whilst we will work hard to publicise it, you will need to work with us to reach your audience, via such methods as are deemed appropriate, for example social media, blogs, interviews, public appearances and so on.


We accept submissions by email only to jane @

In the main body of your email, please give a short introduction to yourself and the work you are submitting, including its intended audience and details of the ways in which you could help reach that audience (perhaps you have an active blog or Facebook page, a decent following on Twitter, a good relationship with groups in real life that would be interested, and so on). Please also include any previous publishing experience.

Include your manuscript as an attachment, in Word or similar. Please see below for details of what to attach, depending on the type of book you are submitting.

Fiction (adult, older child, YA)

Please send the first 3 chapters, along with a summary of the complete work.

Children’s Picture Books

Please send your full manuscript (text only). Do not illustrate it or create a layout. There is no need to provide an illustrator, we will find one we feel is appropriate, but if you do have someone you would like to work with you can suggest them and we will consider their work.


Please send your proposal, including why you think there is a market for your book, and 3 sample chapters included as an attachment.

We are always keen to hear from artists who would be interested in working with us as illustrators, cover designers and so on. We keep a database of potential artists to consider for future projects. If you would like to be included please send 3-4 illustration samples (in jpeg format), and a link to your website, Facebook page, etc. Please also let us know of any relevant experience.

Thank you for your interest!