The Wrong Adventure

by Ross Mountney, illus. James Robinson

TWA coverThe second book in the series, following on from Who’s Not In School?, in which we met Harry and his siblings. Harry is desperate for an adventure all of his own…what will he get up to while he searches?

Written by well known home educator and author Ross Mountney and illustrated by James Robinson, who was home educated himself.

Age range: 3-6


“I had not realised how much [my children] would really appreciate a home educated child as the protagonist of a story, a picture book actually aimed at showing home education life (and especially in the UK) until we read the Harry books. They have become form favourites in our house”

“The book is delightful and full of the innocence of a small boy that is trying to make sense of the world. I love the way Ross Mountney echoes through Harry’s character that learning can take place anywhere. Young children learn as they encounter new things and this is the essence of Home Education – you go about the world and learn how it works. The illustrations are extremely charming too. These are done by a Home Educated young man, James Robinson and really transport us into the idyllic world that is on offer.”

“…an awesome sequel to the first book about Harry and his Home Educating family. It shows the relaxed atmosphere in which HE children can learn and takes children on a real adventure. … the illustrations are amazing, brilliant work from James again…”