Who’s Not In School?

by Ross Mountney, illus. James Robinson

WNIS COVEROur first book, published in May 2015. As a home educating family, Harry and his siblings don’t go to school, but their busy life gives Harry plenty of opportunities to get into mischief!
Written by well known home educator and author Ross Mountney, the book was the first for illustrator James Robinson, just 18 years old.

Followed by The Wrong Adventure, also featuring Harry and by the same author/illustrator team.

Age range 3-6


“This is a welcome glimpse into the life of a HE child, a warm and wonderful galavant through the week, one that my children very much enjoyed me reading to them.  Wonderful to finally have a book they can relate to…”
Jai Daniels-Freestone, owner of The Freedom Journey Facebook group, home educated herself and now a home edding mum


“Yesterday a review copy of “Who’s Not In School?”, the first title to be published by the brand new publishing company Bird’s Nest Books, landed on our door mat.

My first impression was the beauty of the illustrations, they are very nostalgic in tone and reminiscent of…” read more


“The book, which is beautifully illustrated by 18 year old James Robinson, who was home educated himself follows a week in the life of a home educating family with three children of varying ages and is designed to ‘…help to dispel the stereotypes that are often held about home educators’ and it certainly does so in my opinion!…” read more
“…I love that E has a character that he can relate to. I love that Home education is portrayed as the norm for this family as it is our norm…” read more


“I have to confess, when I first heard that there was going to be a book written about a home-educating child for home-educating children, I was chuffed to bits. Then I found out it was going to be written by the ever so awesome and very inspiring Ross Mountney and I was even more so…” read more